BHA Podcast & Blast, Ep. 106: Archeologist Dr. Larry Todd

Archeologist Dr. Larry Todd came home to Meeteetse, Wyoming, after a long career studying ancient hunting peoples all over the planet. Asked to do a quick archeological survey of some high-elevation public lands in Northwest Wyoming, he took a crew of students and headed out, convinced of lean pickings and a fast return to the comforts of home. After all, how many ancient hunters would choose to live at 11,000 feet, on barren ridges swept by winter snow and bitter wind, blistered by summer sun and relentless lightning storms? A week into the expedition, Dr. Todd and his crew found themselves in an unprecedented high-altitude treasure hall of artifacts, the record of thousands of years of habitation, drivelines and traps for hunting, ambush points, winter camps, kill sites of bison and bighorn sheep. The ancient snowfields of the high Yellowstone, melting in this latest climate shift, are spitting out atlatls, lithic scatter, butchering tools, pottery, bones, each revelation opening a new door into mysteries that get wilder and more fascinating by the year. 


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