Arkansas BHA

In March, the Arkansas Chapter hosted its first Black Bear Bonanza with support from the Missouri and Oklahoma chapters. For a first event, they blew the doors off the place, over 400 people attended, some of whom came from as far away as Idaho, and helped raise over $17,000!

The event took an educational approach, and through the chapter’s partnership with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission they were able to provide several educational activities, including lessons on amphibians, reptiles and raptors, creating an incredible hands-on learning environment for people of all ages. Clay Newcomb of MeatEater, an active AR BHA member, did a live podcast where he demonstrated how to render bear grease for the audience. There was a heated and very active owl hoot contest, a panel discussion with bear biologists from Arkansas, Missouri and Oklahoma and a raffle to wrap things up.

The Arkansas chapter is already gearing up for the next event!

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