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Alberta Bha
The Alberta Chapter of the Backcountry Hunters & Anglers, who seek to ensure hunting and fishing in a natural setting. [email protected]

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@alberta_bha tweeted. 2018-01-27 09:18:16 -0700
Sunning themselves without a care in the world. #BHAAlberta #Alberta #publiclands #hunt #fish #hunting #fishing

@alberta_bha retweeted @FWEnforcement 2018-01-25 08:47:30 -0700
Officers are seeking the public’s assistance in identifying the individual(s) responsible for shooting an antlered…

@alberta_bha tweeted. 2018-01-25 08:05:26 -0700

@alberta_bha retweeted @AB_EP 2018-01-24 19:09:04 -0700
Concerned about native trout populations? To ensure species recovery and the sustainability, a number or management…

@alberta_bha tweeted. 2018-01-24 11:53:23 -0700

@alberta_bha tweeted. 2018-01-21 09:47:44 -0700
Looking forward to snow goose season in a few months, and the resulting goose meat sausage! #snowgeese #publiclands

@alberta_bha tweeted. 2018-01-19 23:16:26 -0700
#BHAAlberta #Edmonton February pint night scheduled for Feb. 15, with #beer, and a AEP wildlife biologist presentin…

@alberta_bha retweeted @Mr_Pinkster 2018-01-19 22:23:28 -0700
Do you fish in the Eastern Slopes? Be sure to take this survey! @alberta_bha #FlyFishing #ableg

@alberta_bha retweeted @ 2018-01-19 16:11:53 -0700
Stoked to be able to announce our CUSTOM t-shirts and hoodies for the release of "Pheasant, Quail, Cottontail"…

@alberta_bha tweeted. 2018-01-19 15:45:31 -0700

@alberta_bha tweeted. 2018-01-18 07:25:17 -0700
Unusual sight of a few hundred geese feeding, during a brief warmup in January. #publiclands #hunt #hunting

@alberta_bha tweeted. 2018-01-17 09:00:38 -0700
Our University of #Lethbridge student BHA chapter leader Levi is hard at it today, and for the rest of the week, so…

@alberta_bha tweeted. 2018-01-16 09:20:31 -0700

@alberta_bha retweeted @TheOnion 2018-01-15 20:16:39 -0700
New Regulation Requires All Protected Species To Be Actively Looking For New Habitat In Order To Receive Funding…

@alberta_bha retweeted @ClaytonTLamb 2018-01-15 14:11:44 -0700
Remember that paper we published last week looking @ #GrizzlyBear population density, habitat quality, road densiti…

@alberta_bha tweeted. 2018-01-15 14:10:25 -0700
The University of #Lethbridge BHA chapter is setup for Rush Week (Jan. 15-19, between 9 AM - 3 PM). Swing by and s…

@alberta_bha retweeted @ 2018-01-15 07:39:56 -0700
Does a bear 💩 in the woods? Sure. And you do, too. Do it the right way.

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