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The Alberta Chapter of the Backcountry Hunters & Anglers, who seek to ensure hunting and fishing in a natural setting. [email protected]

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Great advice, given that our furry friends are waking up now. #Repost @tcbarton74 ・・・ This is just a reminder for a…

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Looking forward to meeting the former owner of these #sheds. #deer #publiclands #BHAAlberta #fishing #hunt #hunting

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Last call for our new limited edition #BHAAlberta chapter shirts pre-order. There's a few new designs, so get on it…

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A winter coat with a big hole in the back isn't very useful. Watch what happens to the second pronghorn when he cro…

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Pre-order ends this week for our new limited edition #BHAAlberta chapter shirts. Go to the link in our profile…

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The #BHAAlberta chapter will be at @huntingfilmtour for the #Edmonton #Alberta date, on March 21. They’re giving a…

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I am a biologist and the inspiration for my research comes from many places. But this particular paper is unique fo…

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It's almost grilling season! All hail the master of wild game, Hunter Angler Gardener Cook >> glad you're feeling b…

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Writer & outdoorsman Kevin Van Tighem makes the case for joining the leg-powered association Backcountry Anglers &…

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