AFI 2023 Year in Review



Happy New Year everybody my name is Trevor and I'm the BHA coordinator responsible for managing the armed forces initiative. I just wanted to take a minute and talk everybody through what an amazing 2023 we had and  list our accomplishments because it amazes me every time I look at it and the world needs to know.


As you can see in the video I'm celebrating you should be too if you had any part with the armed force initiative in 2023. These past 12 months have been just incredible we introduced over 2000 participants to the Backcountry at over 140 events in over 46 states. Participants from all over, engaging in conservation conversation learning how to hunt learning how to fish learning how to use their military voice as an asset for conservation, and for the North American model.

We helped lead the way forward on key policy like the accelerating veterans outdoor recovery act that will come to fruition in late 2024 as part of our coalition coalition meeting with the veterans outdoor advocacy group reporting to Congress and other key stakeholders. The armed forces initiative removed over 12 miles of migration-restrictive fencing which helps thousands of migratory servants survive the winter in western states like Colorado Montana Washington.

We also created a public access site which will increase access or a public waterway in North Carolina for hunting fishing and trapping. This new public access site is going to give access to over 100,000 members of the military community both veterans and active duty to help them get outdoors more.

Right now the board and I are engaged in 2024 planning, we're nearly finished but are not quite there yet to where I want to publish them and I don't want to give too many details out but I will tell you our 2024 event calendar looks incredible. We have so many events happening all over the country, from how to hunt how to fish, to really taking a deep dive into conservation and stewardship, into habitat management, into policy.

We're doing some amazing things and god we're just going to keep growing and it's incredible thank you so much for all you've done to support BHA and the Armed Forces Initiative. Take some time to celebrate all we've accomplished, if you'd like to come give us a hand or  join BHA I have space available for volunteers all over the country I have so much work that needs to get done and I'm actively looking for people so please go on our website go to your e-mail and e-mail [email protected] get a hold of us reach out on Instagram reach out on Facebook we'll put you to work I promise with that happy new year everybody I'm so excited and you should be too.

About Trevor Hubbs

I grew up running hounds on coyotes and raccoons, spent a fair amount of time public land waterfowl hunting, and have hunted upland birds behind my setters across the midwest.

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