A Win for Public Lands in Iowa: HF 2104 Killed In the House, But The Fight is Not Over

The Iowa Chapter of Backcountry Hunter & Anglers is happy to report that HF 2104 died in subcommittee today. As a result of an outpouring of support by Iowa’s hunters, anglers, trappers, and public land advocates, the members of the subcommittee voted unanimously in opposition. HF 2104 would have removed the ability of the Iowa DNR to purchase public land at auction or acquire it from non-profit organizations who acquired it in a competitive manner.

During the casting of the votes, the overwhelming number of calls and emails were cited as a major reason for the outcome of the vote. It was further noted that not one of those emails or calls was in support of this bill. Your calls, emails, and attendance made a difference today and protected the access of Iowans to public for tomorrow.

We applaud Representatives Mommsen, Sherman, and Scholten for standing with Iowa’s hunters, anglers, and trappers in support of public lands.

However, the fight is not over and there are still pending threats to Iowa’s public lands. The companion bill to HF 2104 - SSB 3129 - is still alive and remains a viable threat to our public lands. 

BHA encourages Iowans to remain vigilant for this and other attacks on public land that will arise as the legislative session continues. 

Thank you to everyone who stood up for public lands.


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