Wild Recipes of California

Join us around a virtual campfire event for regional wild game, fish, or foraged recipe presentations, as well as camaraderie, companionship, storytelling and tradition. Present a favorite wild game, fish, or foraged dish to your fellow BHA members and share your cooking knowledge and hunting and angling adventures! We’ll be sharing photos and videos of dishes via Instagram (use the hashtag #BHAwildaboutcooking), and if you submit a recipe our own JR Young will provide a humorous virtual judging of the dish.

What you need to know:

· This is intended to be an ‘all-comers’ event to include a full range of the novice to experienced hunters/anglers/home-and-outdoor cooks

· All recipes from simple to extravagant are welcome and will be judged equally

· Participants should prepare and present their ‘signature dish’ and submit a description with either pictures or video:

  • Simply email photos or video to [email protected] with your submission along with permission for us to post OR
  • Post a story on Instagram and tag us @backcountryhuntersca so that we can post it into our story as well

Submissions will be accepted June 15 through June 30. Please help us make this an exciting and fun event!

Although not required, all participants are encouraged to submit their favorite signature dish recipe, which will be virtually judged by our own board member JR Young in order to assign bragging rights. For those submitting recipes, scoring categories will be assessed virtually as follows (6 categories / 50 total points possible):

  • The recipe and all instructions must be included, and will be rated on creativity, originality, and ‘anticipated’ flavors, textures, and final presentation (10 points)
  • Participants are encouraged to provide video and/or pictorial presentations as a demo and can be both informative and entertaining (10 points)
  • Additional points will be added for recipes that focus and represent the California lands and waters harvest opportunities, and how well the dish expresses a specific regional area and ingredients (10 points)
  • Each entry should include a Storytelling Narrative that describes for example the personal or family history around the recipe, or the new and creative thinking or other event that inspired the recipe, details of the hunt/fish/forage adventure, and any other details that bring the story/recipe to life (10 points)
  • Participants can briefly describe which of BHA’s Mission and Values the recipe/presentation embody and why (5 points)
  • Entries should include a creative or hilarious name for the recipe (e.g. venison sloppy joe recipe = sloppy does, bloody Rudolphs) (5 points)

Given our current situation, feel free to substitute commercial meats and other products if necessary.

Feel free to ask any questions or share tips and tricks you might have about wild fish/game cooking via Instagram or email. We look forward to a fun virtual community event!

About California BHA

The California Chapter of BHA seeks to ensure that North America's outdoor heritage of hunting and fishing is sustained for generations, through education and work on behalf of the state's wild public lands, waters and wildlife.

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