Petition: Improve Wisconsin Public Land Access - Railroad Crossing

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Elinor Leafgren
Thomas Wangerin
David Smiley
Bill Wayne
Kevin Kowalchuk
Andrew Neuman
Brett Merkatoris
Paul Peterson
William Timke
Eli Brotzman
Daniel Downing
Scott Blado
Jen McElroy
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In 2006, the Wisconsin legislature passed a law that made crossing railroad tracks trespassing unless done at a designated crossing, cutting off access to thousands of acres of public lands and waterways that sportsmen had accessed for generations.

“This might well be the largest loss of public access to public waters in the history of the state,” - Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Memo

The Wisconsin Chapter of Backcountry Hunters and Anglers strongly supports the public's right to access public lands and waters. Currently, under Wisconsin law it is considered trespassing for anyone to step across a railroad right of way. This law greatly impedes the public's access to public land and water. There are 121 public land parcels in Wisconsin that are affected by this law. Many of these parcels are difficult or impossible to access because of the railroad law. Wisconsin Backcountry Hunters and Anglers supports a change in the law that would allow the public to cross a railroad right of way without trespassing. This change would greatly enhance access to public lands and waters.

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