Whiskey Dick Fence Pull Recap

July 1st - BHA members from western, central, and eastern Washington met up in the Whiskey Dick WIldlife Area to roll up our sleeves and lend our friends at WDFW a hand with some much-needed habitat enhancement work. 
The team removed a legacy fence line that scarred approximately 20 miles of otherwise excellent shrub-steppe habitat in the greater Colockum/Quilomene/LT Murray Wildlife Area Complex. 

This ground is critical winter range for the Quilomene elk herd as well as prime habitat for mule deer, bighorn sheep, and a myriad of shrub-steppe obligate species. 

There is always more work to be done, but thanks to the effort of a small group of dedicated volunteers who weren't afraid of the dust, wind, and 90°+ heat, a few more miles of this landscape have now been freed up for wildlife. 

Big thanks to all who came out and helped! 

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