Western Native Trout on Western Public Lands

“Maybe it would turn out that any place where genuine, native, aboriginal trout still swam had kept its many charms, and not least the virtue of authenticity, of the preservation of wildness.”

-Many Rivers to Cross, M.R. Montgomery

Outdoor writer Daniel Ritz, 33, Idaho, spends a lot of time thinking about the change of the American upper-case West. 

Prepared only with and motivated largely by the knowledge that he truly understands very little, Daniel is setting off to literally and figuratively connect with the West. 

Working under the framework of the Western Native Trout Initiative’s Western Native Trout Challenge, you can follow along as Daniel sets off to pursue and share the experiences of 20 native trout and char species in their native habitats on your public lands across the 12 western states (Alaska, Arizona, New Mexico, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Nevada, California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana.) Learn the crucial value of the West’s National Parks, Wilderness areas, National Monuments, National Forests, Bureau of Land Management, Natural and Scenic Rivers among others where these aboriginal species are capable of being engaged by each and every man, woman and child of every race, creed and color. 

In what is at its core a journey of values, Daniel aims to share experiences with the BHA community that he feels the previously quoted author, M.R Montgomery, perfectly summarized when he said…

“You do not have to eat a trout to know it well, but you do have to catch one, hold it for a moment, and release it., Just looking at a trout in the water is a bit like going to a museum and looking at the art through a bottle; the view is distorted and the visitor disengaged.” 

-Many Rivers to Cross




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