USFWS Proposal — Good For The Southeast

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is proposing to expand public hunting and fishing opportunities within the National Wildlife Refuge System within the Southeast. We encourage hunters and anglers to join us in commenting on this proposed expansion. Nationally, the increases would enhance public access to 2.1 million acres, encompassing 90 national wildlife refuges and one national fish hatchery – the largest expansion of opportunities to date.

This is great news for hunters and anglers and super exciting for us here in the Southeast; we’ve done pretty dang well in this round of expansions! Arkansas, Louisiana, Georgia and Alabama cleaned up, adding hunting access to multiple species at multiple refuges in each state. Even Mississippi got what looks to be a pretty solid waterfowl hunting spot out of this deal, and as an Ole Miss fan I can tell you that’s probably the biggest win the state will get for the year.

In keeping with the sports analogy, and something Ole Miss is all too familiar with, though we are inside of the 20, we aren’t in the end zone! Let the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service know that you support this proposal: click HERE.

Learn about all of the properties HERE!

See our press release HERE!



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