The Texas chapter of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers (BHA) supports a constitutional amendment

(Proposition 14) that creates the Centennial Parks Conservation Fund.

On November 7th, 2023, Texas can decide on a ballot measure to amend the Texas Constitution to create the Centennial Parks Conservation Fund by voting for Proposition 14 (Creation of the Centennial Parks Conservation Fund Amendment).  If approved, a $1 billion endowment fund to create additional new parks across the state is the most significant investment in parks in our history, all without increasing taxes.  Using a part of the large state government surplus, the Texas Legislature passed SB 1648 in both chambers with overwhelming bipartisan support and approved the Centennial Parks Conservation Fund.  Governor Abbott signed it on Memorial Day, and it will go to the voters as a constitutional amendment this November.  The Texas Chapter of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers (BHA) commends the Texas state legislature in approving Senate Bill 1648 and Senate Joint Resolution 74, authored by State Senator Tan Parker (R-District 12) and sponsored by State Representatives Armando Walle (D-District 140) and Justin Holland (R-District 33), and signed by Governor Greg Abbott on May 29, 2023.

Texas BHA urges Texas sportsmen and women to vote in favor of the amendment, which will provide long-term and stable funding for new state park acquisition, which will significantly improve our ability to preserve and protect our varied and unique natural and cultural resources, simultaneously making them accessible to our ever-growing population and demand for public land.  The Centennial Parks Conservation Fund comes at a time when we are celebrating the 100th anniversary of Texas State Parks and the 60th anniversary of the merger with the Texas Game and Fish Commission, which formed the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD).  Palo Pinto Mountains State Park, consisting of 4,871 acres and west of Fort Worth, is scheduled to open later this year, the first new state park in 20 years.




About Kyle Mobley

Kyle Mobley is the Texas Chapter Communications Chair and currently lives in Cypress, Texas with his wife. He is finishing a degree in Environmental Conservation where his studies focus on wildlife management and historical ecology.