Texas BHA Represents Hunters & Anglers at TPWD Annual Hearing

Austin, Texas – The Texas Chapter of Backcountry Hunters and Anglers was represented at the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department’s (TPWD) annual public hearing on August 23rd. John Sertel, Texas BHA R3 Coordinator, was in attendance and spoke on behalf of the board. Sertel acknowledged and thanked TPWD for their continued efforts in conservation throughout the state.

The Texas BHA Chapter stated that it supports TPWD’s position on CWD, continued conservation of oyster reefs, and overall management of the State’s valuable natural and cultural resources in keeping with the North American model of Conservation. Sertel also brought up two major public land issues at the hearing, S.B. 1236 and the Trinity River Cutoff. Sertel said, “BHA and hunters across the state were disappointed at the passage of S.B. 1236.” Stating, “We do not blame TPWD for this law change but believe it contrary to (TPWD) R3 efforts and its passage further reduces public land hunting opportunities.”

The position of the Chapter regarding the Trinity River Cuttoff was made clear, stating that this is another example of longstanding public property becoming privatized, and the chapter is looking forward to a favorable resolution of the situation. Once again, the Texas Chapter appreciates TPWD’s efforts throughout our state and continues to emphasize the importance of public land and water access for all Texans. Backcountry Hunters & Anglers will always be committed to conserving our public lands and increasing future public lands for all Texans.


About Kyle Mobley

Kyle Mobley is the Texas Chapter Communications Chair and currently lives in Cypress, Texas with his wife. He is finishing a degree in Environmental Conservation where his studies focus on wildlife management and historical ecology.

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