Taking the Shot Bedford Camera and Video - Part 3 - Putting it All Together - Tips on Capturing your Backcountry Moments

The experiences we have in the backcountry get seared into our memory, and drive us to return to have similar experiences outdoors. These memories are something I deeply cherish and are why I like to carry a camera around when I am out either hunting or fishing to to return to and relive that moment.



In this three-part blog series, BHA and Bedford Cameras, the 50 year leader in outdoor camera video production, are helping make photo and video content easier with tips and tricks for the field with ideas to help with pre-trip planning before going afield, making the most of shooting during your excursion into the outdoors, and processing everything when you return. Shooting photos and video is another way to stay connected to the outdoors. In this third and final segement, we're aiming at helping you put it all together when you get home from the field. 

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About Travis Bradford

Travis has been in the outdoors since he was young, but its the fish inhabiting North America's waters that hold his attention throughout the year. When not fly fishing, he can be found with his golden retriever Sal and a camera in-hand chasing stories.

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