Support the Forest Jobs and Recreation Act

The Forest Jobs and Recreation Act is a boon for hunters and anglers in Montana, protecting and restoring some of the best elk habitat and trout streams in the state. The bill will protect almost one million acres of pristine Montana backcountry as new wilderness or Special Recreation Areas, protecting core secure habitat and places for solitude. The bill also puts people to work restoring trout waters and clean up bug-killed lodgepole pine for local sawmills.

Please call Rep. Denny Rehberg's office and ask him to support the inclusion of this groundbreaking made-in-Montana legislation, the Montana Forest Jobs and Recreation Act in the 2012 budget bill, which will come to a vote in Congress next week. The Senate is supporting inclusion of the bill, but it could still be blocked in the House.

Please contact Rep. Rehberg now at:

         D.C. Office: (202) 225-3211

         District Office: (406) 443-7878

         Or email him at

Ask Rep. Rehberg to stand up for Montana's hunting and fishing traditions TODAY.

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