Support HB 1147 and Year-round Hunting and Trapping of Raccoons and Possums

The Georgia Chapter board supports Georgia House Bill 1147. This bill will allow for year-round hunting and trapping of raccoons and possums. These animals are notorious nest predators and reducing their populations will protect the ground nests of birds like turkey and quail while their eggs incubate. Protecting those nests is one way to help boost the populations of these vulnerable birds.
How will year-round trapping help these bird populations? Simply put, it will help balance the population discrepancies between turkeys and the animals that prey on their nests. Restoring that predator-prey balance can help boost populations of game birds as more eggs survive to hatch.
This balance is especially important during nesting seasons because the next generations of birds like quail and turkey are vulnerable to predation while incubating. Fewer nest predators means less nest predation. And less nest predation means more eggs can survive to hatch and hopefully grow into adult birds.
Take a stand for Georgia’s turkey and quail populations by contacting your state legislators using the form below!
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