Summer 2019 North Carolina Chapter News

North Carolina BHA closed out its first full year this past May at Rendezvous 2019 in Boise, ID. What an incredible ride it has been! Our chapter grew by nearly 410% during those 12 months to approximately 530 members statewide, and we continue to gain new backcountry badasses every day. Our goal is to hit 1000 by EOY and we need you to help us crush it!

Part of organizing a state chapter is pushing involvement and opportunities to engage down to the individual member level. Local chapters help us do that and we are proud of the initiative shown first in Winston-Salem and then in Charlotte. Through the leadership of local members, those metro areas have vibrant groups of PLOs that regularly meet and plan ways to leverage the power of BHA in their areas. We need more! If you are wondering the next time NC BHA is holding an event or working on a project near you then look no further than your calendar. Contact your chapter at [email protected] and let’s make things happen!

The North Carolina chapter has taken on four main issues: removal of all Sunday hunting restrictions on federally managed and state owned public land; mitigating, if not reversing, the trend of stream access loss in Western NC; public waters access and habitat in Eastern NC; and R3 - Recruitment, Retention, and Reactivation of hunters and anglers. Each of these four issues is loaded with detail, history, goals, etc. We need your help. If you live in NC and are interested in getting involved with your state chapter but aren’t sure how, then perhaps an item or two on the list above strikes a chord. If so, reach out.

We are loaded with other exciting events and impactful projects that we will push out as the details get distilled and the dates get closer. It’s going to be a busy second half of 2019 that’s going to require commitment, voices and action. And we know NC is good for it.

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