Stand with Hunt-Fish Effort Opposing the Ambler Industrial Road

PHOTO: Barry Whitehill, AK Chapter Vice Chair

An unparalleled experience for sportsmen and women can be had in Alaska’s famed Brooks Range – a region home to caribou herds, Dall sheep, moose and grizzly bear, where the waters run with Arctic Grayling, Dolly Varden and Sheefish. The proposed Ambler Road would bisect more than 200 miles of habitat across this range, insert 48 bridges and over 2900 culverts into rivers and streams, as well as degrade important caribou habitat for the Western Arctic Caribou Herd, one the largest herds of caribou remaining in the world. The herd currently supports hunting opportunities for local people, non-local Alaska residents, and non-residents without drawing permits in most areas. 

The Bureau of Land Management has released their draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS) for the right-of-way permit for the project. In response, hunters, anglers, and conservationists have united to protect the iconic Brooks Range from irreversible impacts of the proposed Ambler Road. Hunters and Anglers for the Brooks Range is coalition of 38 partners, including BHA, to raise the voice of hunters and anglers who want to keep the Brooks Range wild, remote, and untamed, safeguarding unparalleled hunting, fishing, and backcountry pursuits for hunters and anglers for generations to come. Follow Hunters and Anglers for the Brooks Range on Facebook and Instagram and join the conversation. You can submit public comment on the SEIS through December 22nd, 2023. 

Join BHA and the Hunters and Anglers for the Brooks Range in protecting the Brooks Range from the proposed Ambler Industrial Road by sharing your comment here. 

About Mary Glaves

Alaska Chapter Coordinator for BHA. You can find Mary outside with a rifle, bow, fishing rod, or mushroom knife most sunny or rainy days on Alaska's public lands.

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