Southeast Chapter opposes construction impacts on Swan Creek WMA

Wood_Duck.jpgThe Southeast Chapter of BHA, which represents members in Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana, is alarmed by the planned construction of a bridge through the Swan Creek Wildlife Management Area, a premier North Alabama duck hunting location, waterfowl wintering ground and home to all kinds of wildlife.

The project, proposed by the City of Decatur, could result in the permanent loss of some or all of the hunting access available today at the 8,870-acre Swan Creek, managed by the Alabama Division of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries in cooperation with the Tennessee Valley Authority.

The Southeast Chapter of BHA opposes any plan which unnecessarily negatively impacts the WMA and public land access, enjoyment, and utilization.

Learn more about the project and proposed routes here:

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The comment period is open through October 1, 2023.

The project is in the initial assessment phase to measure public sentiment. Now is the time for the public to comment. The final route recommended by the City of Decatur will depend on an environmental study and public comments.

It is important to remember that if the bridge project is approved and funded, the project would eventually become a state and federal project and the city will have limited influence over the bridge route, so public participation now is critical.

However, since this project may take a decade or longer to complete, public land advocates must be vigilant in monitoring its development at all stages.


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About Southeast BHA Chapter

The Southeast holds a variety of landscapes full of wild places. The members of our leadership board feel that it is our duty to protect access to these spaces and we are prepared to do so – here, and across the country.

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