South East Chapter Board


Travis M. Dailey, Nashville TN

Our public lands are the definition of freedom, and Backcountry Hunters and Anglers fights for them. You can fish, hunt, camp, hike, you name it, on public lands. No one can tell you that it doesn’t belong to you or that you can't be there. Public lands are as much your land as they are mine.







Bryan Fisher, Huntsville, AL

I am drawn to BHA because all of my outdoor recreating and hunting takes place on public land. Spending so much time in the wild places left to us instills in me the drive to do everything within my power to preserver, protect, and expand these special areas.










Scott M. Jones, Atlanta, GA

Aldo Leopold once said that “a thing is right when it tends to preserve the integrity, stability and beauty of the biotic community.” BHA in my mind is built around this ethos and the preservation of the uniquely American privilege of wild publics lands feels about as “right” of an ambition that any man or organization can ever set to accomplish. Public lands have taught me more life lessons than I ever could have hoped to have learned from my father who passed away when I was a child. My aim and I believe BHA’s aim, is to preserve and expand this very fertile training ground for all those that are daring and open enough to learn from it.








Jeffrey M. Jones, Huntsville, AL

BHA is the intersection of all the things that matter to me regarding the outdoors: the sporting life, environmental conservation and mindful stewardship of natural resources. It is my tribe.









Caleb Kaywood, New Orleans, LA

I, and many other Americans, cut my teeth on public land – learning lessons about hard work, patience, humility, and perseverance. This is the “American way.” Without these lands, America will lose a significant tool in shaping America’s work ethic and cultural identity.











Joshua Kaywood, Chattanooga, TN

I grew up recreating on public land. I feel that it is my moral obligation to protect these lands and BHA is the perfect vehicle in which to do so.












Drew Loschke, Nashville, TN

I believe that BHA will fight for me, but not just for me, but for “the number within the womb of time…the unborn generations."









Lee MacDonald, Atlanta, GA

Public Land is something uniquely American. It allows us to pay the debt to the earth for what we take. It allows us the freedoms to wander. BHA allows us to stand up for those freedoms.















Andrew Monaghan, Magnolia Springs, AL

I am drawn to BHA’s commitment to public land advocacy, outdoor traditions, and intelligent use. Furthermore, I believe BHA will be an effective and powerful voice for public lands in the Southeast.












Chad A. Rischar, Keystone Heights, FL

I’m a member of several personal and professional organizations, but BHA is the center stone of my values and beliefs. Access to public lands, conservation, and improving “ the well, not the pump” are vital to our nation’s future. I am actively engaged in BHA because I enjoy being a Public Land Owner and protecting public access in perpetuity.








Markus Warwick, Vero Beach, FL

Having Grown up out west and now living in Florida, there is a conspicuous absence of “Access & Opportunity” in the east. I stand with BHA because it is going to take our strength and numbers in this organization and others to Protect and conserve the legacies of Roosevelt, Leopold, Grinnell and Pinchot.










Howard Whiteman, Paris TN

As an ecologist, I see BHA as a guide for how humans can ethically and sustainably interact with the environment.  Hunters and anglers have always been among the leaders of conservation, and we need the moral fortitude, perseverance, and work ethic of BHA members now more than ever.


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