Southeast Chapter Board

Chapter Chair

Andrew Monaghan, Magnolia Springs, AL












I am drawn to BHA’s commitment to public land advocacy, outdoor traditions, and intelligent use. Furthermore, I believe BHA will be an effective and powerful voice for public lands in the Southeast.


Gunner Hall, Savannah, GA


Gunner is a lifelong outdoor enthusiast. Starting at an early age by “camping” out in his parent’s back yard with friends and backpacking the Colorado Rockies in his late teens.

His love of the outdoors remains today with hunting birds and big game mainly in the woods and swamps of Georgia’s Low Country and fishing in Georgia’s Atlantic Coastal Waterways. He is a strong advocate for conservation efforts and is committed to helping preserve public hunting land for future generations to enjoy. Gunner is a member of multiple organizations dedicated to conservation such as: Backcountry Hunters and Anglers, Ruffed Grouse Society  and The Ogeechee Riverkeeper.



Andrew Maxwell, Auburn AL

I was fortunate that my father introduced me to hunting on Alabama's public lands at an extremely young age. Throughout my youth I hunted, fished and trapped everything that Alabama's public lands had to offer me. In recent years I have branched out and enjoyed the public lands of Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Florida, and Wyoming. The experiences I had on those public lands were not only some of the best times I've ever had in my life, but they also shaped who I am today. 

As I got older I realized what public land did not always remain public. In 2015 Alabama's amount of public land was reduced by 17,725 acres with the loss of Boykin WMA. That event triggered my interest to get involved with Backcountry Hunters and Anglers. For me, BHA is an organization that was long overdue for our part of the country. We southern public land owners now have a strong unified voice with BHA's Southeast chapter and I am honored to be helping in any way I can. 


Andrew Martin, AL



My youth was steeped in rich outdoor traditions of the Deep South.  From fishing in the Lowcountry of Georgia to hunting the ridges of the Appalachians, I experienced the greatest landscapes the Southeast had to offer.  After graduating from the University of Georgia, I began a career in landscape architecture, and my passion for wildlife habitats, native plants, and diverse ecosystems continued to grow.  I believe public land gives people the opportunity to embark on adventures, harvest sustainable game, and steward our treasured natural resources.

American sportsmen lay claim to many of our nation’s past conservation victories.  My desire is that hunters and anglers uphold this legacy and champion the preservation of wildlife and wild places.  For this reason, I am a proud member of BHA.



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