ACTION ALERT: Protect the Owyhee Canyonlands!

Ensure New Oregon Plan Reflects Hunters and Anglers' Priorities


Join us in urging the Vale District BLM to choose an alternative that will protect the wild and un-fragmented habitat contained within this landscape and that will benefit hunting and fishing opportunities. BLMs current preferred alternative falls utterly short, disregarding decades of local stakeholder input, and protecting ZERO of the 1.2 million acres of lands identified as containing Wilderness character. Our public lands deserve the best-available outcome-based management strategies in order to promote the highest possible degree of ecological integrity while still providing ample points of access and opportunity.

The public has until August 28, 2019 to submit comments to ensure that the BLM's Southeast Oregon Draft Management Plan reflects our priorities for wildlife conservation, healthy habitat, better access and opportunity for Oregon sportsmen and women.




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