Regional Leadership Team

Regional Group Leaders: 

The Wyoming Chapter is actively seeking support from members interested in getting more involved to help us fulfill our mission and to lead boots on the ground efforts across Wyoming. If you would like to represent BHA in your region please contact us today! Contact Wyoming BHA


Tanner Belknap - Laramie/Cheyenne Assistant Regional Director

Tanner joined BHA in October of 2018, attributing his introduction to our work to Hal Herring and Steve Rinella. Tanner grew up outside of Auburn, Alabama and moved out West as soon as he could. Some of Tanner's earliest memories are catching big Alabama bass on a two-foot Mickey Mouse spin cast pole. He grew up primarily as an avid spin fisherman for bass and fly fisherman for trout with his Dad always by his side. Tanner's obsession with bowhunting began when his Dad bought him a compound bow for Christmas in middle school. Tanner slowly learned every possible way to make mistakes as a bowhunter on a mix of  public and private land out East until he moved out West. Tanner now primarily bow hunts for big game and fishes for trout. That being said, he will happily hunt or fish for anything given the opportunity. Tanner went to college at Oregon State graduating with degrees in Chemical and Environmental Engineering and accepted a job as a Civil/Environmental Engineer in Laramie, Wyoming.


Luke Weddle - Laramie/Cheyenne Assistant Regional Director

Luke started his hunting career in the hills of Southern Kentucky, tracking rabbits with beagles and hunting anything else that offered a chase. When he was in High School he took his first Mule Deer trip to Northwest Colorado, and was hooked.

After graduating from Murray State University and an apprenticeship at MCU, he worked as an Environmental Educator in Georgia. Then as a Forestry Technician for the USFS at Land Between the Lakes, and also a Wildland Firefighter throughout the West, while also working as a hunting guide for 7 years.

Moving West permanently a decade ago, he’s worked for an energy company, ranching operations, and is now a small-business owner. He and his understanding Wife, along with their daughter have now settled in Laramie WY.  His current outdoor obsessions in order: 1)Guiding new hunters on their first outing, 2)Fly-fishing with Tenkara gear.


Liz Lynch - At Large Assistant Regional Director

Liz first learned about BHA when she was a new hunter; she was living in Missoula, where BHA HQ is located, at the time, and BHA’s mission and values really resonated with her. She grew up in Westfield, New Jersey, in the northern part of the state. She also spent a lot of time on Lake Sebago and also the southern coast of Maine growing up.

She started saltwater fishing when she was in grade school, and it was something she loved to do with her dad and her grandpa as a kid. She's dabbled in fly fishing a handful of times since high school. She didn’t start hunting until she was in her mid-20s, when her then-partner taught her the ropes and encouraged her to join him when he was out waterfowling after she expressed interest in learning to hunt and cook wild game. She fell in love with it quickly, and it’s been a huge part of her life ever since!

She considers herself a generalist gun hunter. Being in Wyoming means she has all kinds of amazing upland, waterfowl, small game, and big game opportunities available to her over-the-counter, so she tries to take advantage of that from September to March. She'll be getting her first bird dog this fall, so she's especially looking forward to adding even more bird hunting to the calendar.