Reflections on Rendezvous from Ohio


It’s tough to really capture how badass the BHA North American Rendezvous is without experiencing it. The Ohio Chapter had six folks attend this year. We asked each to highlight their favorite part of #Rende2019 to get you all excited for #Rende2020 in Missoula, Montana!


Tim Rogers, BHA Ohio Board Member

The highlight of my Rendezvous trip was getting to chat with Land Tawney and Ed Nickens at the hotel bar as things were winding down one night. It’s not often you get to engage in candid conversation with folks as impactful as these guys. I would be hard pressed to find anyone as motivating as Land. The passion that man has for our cause is palpable. I have been a follower of Ed and his work for a while now and likely resonate with him based on where I grew up, on the TN & NC border. It was a true pleasure to talk and share stories of specific places that we hold near and dear to our hearts.

Jonathan Ingram, BHA Ohio Co-Chair

What strikes me about Rende and about BHA in general is that it’s one of those places and spaces that transcends political division. Folks on the right and folks on the left come together around a unifying idea - that public land and public water are worth protecting. That unifying idea acts as a bridge that allows for human connection and civil conversation. And all those flimsy ideas that we have all absorbed about “nut jobs” on the right and “snowflakes” on the left wilt against the truth of every conversation and shared experience. We are fighting for public lands and water, yes, but the collateral benefit of those conversations is just as valuable.

Nathan Voris, BHA Ohio Board Member

The secret sauce of any powerful organization is the people, which was the highlight for me. Getting to know BHA staff, swapping stories about our adventures and the work we are doing on the ground with members from across the country. In no other setting can a lowly squirrel hunter from Ohio shake hands and toast with the likes Randy Newberg, Hal Herring, Ed Nickens, Senator Martin Henirich and others leading the charge for public lands and waters.


Benton Collins, BHA Ohio Board Member

My favorite part of Rende 2019 was the Hike to Hunt event on Saturday morning.  We got up early and left on buses at 6 am to Table Rock Trail just outside Boise.  It was a 3 mile trail round trip that allowed everyone to see beautiful spring flowers in bloom and even a few mule deer.  The hike allowed everyone the opportunity to get out of the city and I highly recommend it for anyone attending next year in Missoula, Montana!

Jayson, Digangi, BHA Ohio Board Member

The highlight for me was meeting and connecting with guys and gals from all over the continent. No other place will I ever get a chance to meet and talk hunting and fishing with someone from Wisconsin, North Carolina, Montana, and many more states and provinces.

Tony Ruffing, BHA Ohio Co-Chair

Whether unity from a geographical region, or a specific cause and goal of a group, we saw 1,200 people enter Boise, generally as strangers to one another, and leave as friends. We have a unique group of folks within BHA. Like minded individuals who connect on a common goal and brings us closer together.


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