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Project Aspen

BHA is striving to be more like an aspen tree. Aspens reproduce through both seed pollination or root sprout; this ensures growth of the aspen grove no mater the challenges the tree faces. We are working to diversify our funding sources to ensure that BHA will always be working on behalf of our wild public lands, waters, and wildlife – for generations to come – by establishing this fund. Our initial goal is $1 million. These discretionary funds will grow and become a perpetual funding stream that exists to support the future needs of our organization, regardless of any unpredictable challenges beyond our influence.

To donate investments, DAF, property or other financial holdings to Project Aspen or to receive additional information, please contact Frankie McBurney Olson at 406-926-1908 or [email protected].

If you would like to increase your commitment to BHA and establish a planned giving strategy to further support our work, learn more about Legacy Giving here.