Preserve hunting opportunity in New Jersey: Vote NO on Assembly Bill 3732

The New Jersey Chapter of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers is in staunch opposition to Assembly Bill 3732, proposed by Assemblywoman Shama A. Haider. The measure would change the pe-rimeter for bow and arrow hunting around occupied buildings and require property owners to provide notice and obtain receipt from owners of adjacent properties prior to any hunting ac-tivity. Such rules would preclude hunters from pursing game on many properties and would be detrimental to the state’s ability to manage wild deer populations.
Please join BHA in urging our state legislators to vote NO on Assembly Bill 3732.

About Christopher Hennessey

Regional Manager for BHA. Working with chapter leaders and members across the East to preserve our public lands and waters. Mainly a Keystone State hunter and angler, but loves having public land everywhere he goes.

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