Pine Log WMA Petition

The Georgia Chapter of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers supports maintaining Pine Log Wildlife Management Area as publicly accessible land and urges Gov. Brian Kemp to endorse the purchase of that land by the state of Georgia.

The acreage comprising Pine Log WMA is currently leased by the state, but the owner has put the land up for sale, jeopardizing access to the 14,134-acre wildlife management area. That means hunters and anglers could soon be staring at “No Trespassing” signs instead of open gates. Additionally, the loss of Pine Log would likely lead to the development of those acres, much to the detriment of our wildlife. The purchase of Pine Log would protect public access for hunting and fishing as well as provide important habitat for wildlife in the area. 

Access to Pine Log WMA is critical for the sportsmen and women living in north Atlanta and the surrounding area. Numerous hunters and anglers rely on access to Pine Log. At 14,134 acres, Pine Log provides essential access to public land for hunters to spread out and hunt species like deer, turkey and bear. Additionally, streams like Stamp Creek provide  trout fishing as well as angling for native redeye bass. And in a time when habitat is being steadily lost to development, maintaining large blocks of public land like Pine Log is important for conserving game and other wild species. The state of Georgia can protect our sporting traditions and conserve the wildlife we love by purchasing Pine Log WMA. 

Sign this petition, to stand for Pine Log WMA and urge Gov. Brian Kemp to endorse its purchase by the state of Georgia.

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