Become a hunting mentor with Pennsylvania Take Two Program


As part of its effort to recruit new folks to hunting and make lifelong hunters out of them, Pennsylvania BHA has created the Take Two campaign. 

PA BHA recognizes that simply recruiting new hunters and offering them a one-time or short-term introduction to hunting may not be enough to help beginners get over the hump to becoming a dedicated, lifelong hunter. What really helps someone become a hunter is having a reliable mentor who can assist in various ways over a season or several seasons, or however long it may take. 

Entering its second hunting season in fall 2020, Take Two is a call to action for current PA BHA Members to take two people who have never hunted, are in the beginning stages of their hunting careers, or revamping their hunting interests – and mentor them by taking them hunting, or out for a hunting-related activity.  A hunting activity could mean scouting, shooting, setting trail cameras, hanging stands, running a bird dog, sharing a meal, etc.

Mentors and mentees could meet once, or multiple times—this is completely up to the mentor and the mentee. The hope is that by helping two people advance their knowledge of hunting, one of them will stick with it. With help from you and others over time, hopefully that person joins the ranks of lifelong hunters and can in turn help someone else become a hunter down the line. 

The person you mentor can be someone you’re related to, know personally, or a person you don’t know at all but have connected to through friends or family. Please remember, mentors take responsibility into their hands for taking new hunters out and should also educate the new hunters regarding safety and the risks involved in being outdoors.

PA BHA’s hope is that we empower our members to test the waters of hunter mentorship—while educating people who have an interest in hunting. The long-term goal is to have more hunters realize the benefits of mentoring others as a way to preserve and continue our hunting heritage and the conservation efforts it supports.

If hunting is to endure, it is up to each of us do our part in bringing new people into the sport. Do your part and Take Two!

New this year - PA BHA  is also looking for hunter mentors throughout Pennsylvania who would be willing to be matched up with a mentee.

If you’re interested in becoming a mentee or mentor, please contact Adam Eckley at [email protected]


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The Pennsylvania Chapter of BHA represents a diverse and enthusiastic group of outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen who seek to protect and improve wild places in the Keystone State and beyond.

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