PA's Middle Creek WMA : Magical migrations and hunting opportunities

By Aaron Hepler



As I sat in the bay window of my parents’ house, I couldn’t help but notice the light was fading. It was odd since it was sunny a few minutes prior. I looked up at the sky as the shadows grew.

The image of hundreds and hundreds of geese met my eyes. Snow geese and Canada geese alike, with other species of waterfowl in the mix. Landing in fields and taking to the air at random times, birds covered the ground and sky wherever I could see. This was a familiar sight for me and my family. Growing up ten minutes from the largest snow goose destination in Pennsylvania, Middle Creek wildlife Management area is no secret to many people on the east coast.


Allure of the Migration

Every year, upwards of 125,000 snow geese make their way through this beautiful refuge. Following the geese draws a huge crowd of people, all from different states. If waterfowl watching is something you appreciate, you won’t want to miss this.

Generally, the migration begins sometime in January and tapers off through March.

If you are unable to travel to check it out, Middle Creek does place live stream cams. The cameras are placed around the lake, which is the main resting place for snow geese. It’s not the same as in-person, but it’s still pretty cool to see!


Waterfowl Hunting at Middle Creek

The center is nestled in the middle of a large chunk of state game lands. Some portions of land are open to hunting, some areas with waterfowl hunting restrictions, and some sections are propagation areas. Every year, drawings are available for duck and goose blinds. The drawings can be competitive, but do offer ample opportunities for great hunts.


Deer Hunts Draw Opportunities at Middle Creek

Traditionally, Middle Creek holds a special draw flintlock hunt in two selected groups. These draws have decent odds, and a hunter that draws is permitted to bring a guest who holds a valid antlerless deer tag.

Flintlock hunts do not allow hunters to scout prior to the season, so break out your OnX hunt app if this hunt interests you!

Relatively new to the drawing pool is the archery deer season. This season is enticing as there are only tags for a small number of applicants. A bonus for the archery hunt? Hunters are permitted to scout for an allotted amount of time prior to their draw dates.


Other Special Draw Opportunities

There are now plenty of special youth draw days for waterfowl. These draws offer a good chance at quality hunts.

Trapping as well as special dove hunts have also been added to the pool.

Give Middle Creek a try. There’s plenty for the whole family to do with hiking, boating, wildlife viewing, and hunting. You won’t be disappointed.

To check out waterfowl updates and view the livestream cam click the link below!

Waterfowl migration update:


Aaron Hepler is a hunter, angler, game cook and all-around outdoorsman. He writes from Reading, PA, where he lives with his wife and daughter.


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