Off-Highway Vehicle Abuse


All Americans have a right to enjoy our public lands and waters – but no small minority has a right to damage those public treasures or ruin the experience of others enjoying the Great Outdoors. We agree with former Forest Service Chief Dale Bosworth when he said that unmanaged motorized recreation is one of the great threats to our National Forests.

Hunters and anglers are acutely aware of how the abuse of off-road vehicles scars the land, pollutes water, spreads weeds, frighten wildlife and destroys solitude. Many of us can tell stories of stalks ruined, peace and quiet shattered and pack strings spooked by illegal off-road vehicles.

All wildlife needs security provided by habitat. Excessive motorized access destroys habitat security, degrading opportunities and the experience of the majority of hunters and anglers. We support reasonable rules – and swift enforcement – that stop motorized abuse of public lands.

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