NV BHA Supports AB 345: Science-based Predator Management Funding/Plans

To the Nevada State Senate Committee on Natural Resources:

Senate members Ford, Manendo, Segerblom, Goicoechea and Settelmeyer

Re: AB 345 (re: management of wildlife)

From: Karen Boeger

Board member, NV Chapter Backcountry Hunters and Anglers (BHA)

May 14, 2013

Dear Chairman Ford and committee members,

I urge you to support AB 345 as amended. Nevada's valuable wildlife resource, and the public to which it belongs, will benefit by the proposed revisions and addtions to NRS 501.100.  The current $3 fee additional tag fee mandated in NRS 501.100 is no small amount for sportsmen as most hunters apply for multiple tags. This special fee has been mandated to be spent on predator control primarily for the benefit of mule deer. Data clearly demonstrates that objective is not being met by current large scale predator control, yet the $$ must still be spent. Sportsmen deserve a return on their money. This bill will ensure those monies will be spent effectively and wisely.

Section 1: Wildlife management must be based solely on the latest, best, peer-reviewed science. This bottom-line ethical statement should be legally codified. Fiscal responsibility to the sportsmen who supply the mangement funds, and to all those who care about wildlife health and viability, demands decisions be made based on what scientific data demonstrates to be most cost effective and yields the highest benefit to wildlife. This ethic averts any perception that management is subject to custom, a “business as usual” mentality, emotion, popular vote or the constituency with the loudest voice.

Section 2, subsection 1:  Studies demonstrate that habitat health (whether it's affected by loss of cover, fire, invasives, etc), precipitation and human-caused conditions (such as roadkill, transmission lines, etc.) are significant limiting factors for both mule deer and sage grouse. Provisions in this section will allow, in addition to predator control, for monies to be spent to mitigate human-caused wildlife impacts through habitat management / restoration projects and research.

Section 2, subsection 3: The provisions for the Wildlife Commission to establish a research and project policy which is area specific, requires demonstrated purpose and need and a report of results will help ensure that sportsman's dollars will be spent efficiently and effectively.

Thank you for your consideration of my comments and concerns,

Karen Boeger

6205 Franktown Rd.

Washoe Valley, NV 89704

[email protected]

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