Nevada Legislative Update - May 2023

Hunters and wildlife conservationists scored two major wins in May by killing two bills which would have had significant negative impacts on the state’s hunting traditions and wildlife habitat.

The Nevada chapter of BHA was actively engaged in both these efforts, along with a collection of other hunting and conservation interests. Here's more on both bills:

  • SB 90 – Hundreds of Nevada hunters and anglers joined BHA in taking action on this bill, which would have jeopardized ongoing efforts that scientists, public land managers, hunters and anglers, and others have been leading to achieve a more responsibly and sustainably managed horse and burro population on Nevada's public lands and waters and beyond. This bill would have recklessly prioritized the protection of horses in the state at the expense of native populations of wildlife and overall ecosystem health. The Nevada chapter provided testimony in opposition to this bill and was effective in helping kill it. It is imperative that we now work to manage feral horse populations more responsibly in the state, rather than provide new designations for this animal, which would be detrimental to the health of our public lands and waters.
  • AB 355 – BHA joined a coalition of other hunting organizations in expressing our concern about the impacts that this legislation would have on youth hunting opportunities in the state. This bill would have prohibited the possession of common hunting guns, thus wrongly restricting opportunities for the next generation of hunters. The Nevada chapter of BHA applauds Gov. Lombardo's veto of this bill.  

Neither of these wins would be attainable without the ongoing engagement and support from BHA members like you!

Though our work is not quite over yet, Nevada BHA remains committed to advancing needed investments in wildlife connectivity and crossings in the state, and we are optimistic that we will prevail in securing passage of AB 112, a bill that would fully fund a wildlife crossing research and construction fund to cut down on the nearly 5,000 wildlife-vehicle collisions that happen on Nevada roads each year. Please join us in speaking up for this important bill by reaching out to your state legislator and letting them know you support investing in wildlife crossings in Nevada. 


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