Nevada Chapter helps NDOW with spawning event

With the addition of new board members and a chapter coordinator, the Nevada chapter of Backcountry Hunters and Anglers is posed to be the leading voice for sportsman on public lands, water and wildlife within the state.

Evidence of that can be seen at the last event hosted by the chapter in partnership with the Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW). The chapter was contacted by NDOW who asked BHA if we would like to assist them in their rainbow trout spawning event in Marlette Lake located between Lake Tahoe and Carson City.

The day started with a 5-mile hike to Marlette Lake which was counted towards the volunteers Hike to Hunt challenge. Once at the lake, we donned our waders and started our work cleaning fertilized eggs to limit bacterial infection and carrying ready to spawn fish from the holding pens to the NDOW staff who then harvested eggs and milt from the trout. NDOW is currently performing scientific research at Marlette Lake to determine if fish born from wild populations are hardier than fish from a hatchery. Data collected from studies like this will provide the necessary knowledge for state agencies to make vital decisions in how future fish management is conducted.

This event is a great representation of BHA’s commitment to ensure future fishing opportunities in the backcountry. As a chapter, we are pleased that NDOW recognized our values and desire to work with various state and federal agencies on wildlife projects while using sound scientific knowledge and techniques.

The Nevada Chapter is honored to have been invited to assist the state in ensuring trophy trout remain on our landscape. The chapter looks forward to becoming a strong volunteer resource for the state and plans to support NDOW in any future wildlife projects that benefit our public lands, waters and wildlife.


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