Nevada Chapter Board


Larry MucKurtis, Co-Chair

Larry McKurtis comes from the rural borderlands of California and Nevada. Growing up at the confluence of the Sierras and the Great Basin grew a special relationship with both the mountain forests and the high desert. He started fishing before he could form sentences and was hunting rabbits and birds not long after. He loves pursuing Nevada's big game species and owns an english setter that is as crazy about chukar hunting as he is. He makes a yearly pilgrimage to the Ruby Mountains of Nevada to hunt the elusive Himalayan Snowcock.

Larry is also an accomplished angler who guided the Truckee River and other local waters. He soon found himself on the Kanektok River in bush Alaska guiding for salmon and mouse eating rainbows. He helped resurrect the Truckee-Tahoe Chapter of Trout Unlimited and served as its first vice-president.

He is a well respected outdoor writer who puts a unique perspective on our pursuits of western hunting and angling and has been featured in many online and print publications.
Larry has been a staunch defender of our public lands and wild places through both his writing and his actions. From writing local op-eds to lobbying in Washington DC he practices what he preaches. He is a natural peacemaker, utilizing his wit and humor to work negotiations and settle disputes.

When he's not enjoying or defending Nevada's bounty he can be found bicycle touring across countries and continents, chasing steelhead on the coastal streams, and working on his parent's rural homestead where he was raised.


Karen Boeger, Co-Chair/Secretary

Karen grew up in the farm country of northern California, running across the fields to fish in the American River after school, hiking, camping, backpacking, and fishing with family in the Sierras. Hunting has been a part of her family culture likely since the Pleistocene, all grandparents being immigrants from the "old country". She grew up eating fish and game and harvesting wild greens and mushrooms.

Now a retired school teacher, she has been a Nevada desert rat by choice and a conservation activist there, in the "last of the wild west," for almost half a century. She lived 20 of those years in a remote, way-beyond-the-grid, hand-built homestead in the northwest Nevada mountains with her husband, partner activist and muzzle-loader enthusiast Dan Heinz, now deceased. She now resides in a cabin on an historic ranch in Washoe Valley and continues their work on wildlife, Wilderness and ORV issues. Hiking, burro-packing, canoeing, and accompanying hunter, angler, or outfitter pals into wild places remains the solace for her soul. 

Karen feels fortunate to have grown up at a time when much of the west was still wild and the dominant recreational uses were traditional. Within a generation, she has witnessed those opportunities vastly diminish. This is the primary reason she so passionately believes in BHA and their mission of ensuring traditional hunting and fishing opportunities will continue into the future for generations to come.


Kyle Davis, Co-Chair/Treasurer

Kyle lives in Reno with his wife Amber and their children Eleanor and Stewart. He grew up in the rural Nevada town of Lovelock, after attended the University of Nevada, Reno and the George Washington University. He has spent most of his career working on conservation issues and currently owns his own public affairs consulting firm.

When he's not working, you can find Kyle plying the hometown Truckee River for trout, chasing chukar in northern Washoe County, or otherwise exploring the vast stretches of Nevada's public lands.





David Bobzien

Former Nevada state legislator, current Reno City Councilman, and conservation advocate, David Bobzien is a life-long supporter of wild lands. David is an avid fly angler, frustrated upland bird hunter, marathon runner, backpacker, Eagle Scout, and he enjoys life to the fullest in the Great Basin. He holds a BA in Government & Politics from George Mason University, a Master of Public Administration in natural resources and public lands policy from Boise State University. David’s twin sons, Luca Carson and Finnegan Walker, are named after two of Nevada’s desert rivers.


Joe Goodnight

Joe Goodnight has been enjoying Nevada's public land for most of his life. Born and raised in Reno, you might find him hunting, fishing, camping, or skiing Nevada's backcountry any time of the year. Usually out with his dad and two younger brothers, utilizing Nevada's outdoor splendor is a family tradition. A tradition that he hopes to pass on to his two young sons and to preserve for generations to come.

As a Public Defender for Washoe County, Joe is used to fighting for those with a lot to lose. He hopes to bring those advocacy skills to the public lands fight! New to BHA, Joe is excited to work for a cause that is central to his beliefs and everyday life. He's dedicated to increasing awareness and membership on behalf of BHA. In doing so, he hopes to protect and conserve the Nevada wilderness that improves his life and he can't imagine living without.


Brian Sexton

Brian grew up in Southern Oregon exploring the mountains, lakes, rivers and streams East of the Cascades. Brian always had a special interest of the desert landscape of Southeastern Oregon and Northern Nevada. Brian spent many days searching for chukars along the Oregon and Nevada border. Hunting and fishing were an integral part of Brian’s upbringing. In 1940 Brian’s grandfather (Pop) left his home in Eastern Texas and homesteaded on the Olympic Peninsula just off the banks of the Hoh River. His only motivation was “the fishing was better”. Brian has tried carry on Pop’s lifestyle and values.

Brian spent several years in Alaska working for a company that specialized in contracting to resource extraction firms. Brian has witnessed first hand the degradation of habitat from manmade sources. Whether it be ATV, overgrazing, or mineral and oil extraction. Brian moved to Reno in 2014 with his spouse Suzanne and two young daughters. The Sexton family spends as much time enjoying the desert landscape as is possible for a busy young family. Brian joined BHA in 2009 and has now made an effort to take a more proactive role in protecting the wilderness his family cherishes.


Howard Watts

Howard was Battle Born and raised in Las Vegas. While he enjoyed every opportunity he got to hike and experience the outdoors as a child, it wasn't until he met his partner Leora and fell in with her cast and blast family that he fully caught the outdoors and sporting bug, and he's been working to make up for lost time ever since then. Howard's especially fond of scrambling along a creek with rod in hand, and just went on his first big game hunt scouring Eastern Nevada for elk. He looks forward to completing the Native Nevada Fish Slam and trying his hand at upland game.

As a freelance consultant, Howard helps nonprofit organizations plan and expand their activities, with an emphasis on communications, IT, and fundraising. He's spent almost 10 years in the sector helping both direct service and advocacy organizations, and is especially passionate about water sustainability in arid lands. A graduate of the University of Nevada Las Vegas, Howard currently serves as a member of the Clark County Advisory Board to Manage Wildlife. He believes BHA is critical to preserving the public lands sportsmen and wildlife rely on, and promotes a sporting ethic that will protect and expand this unique heritage for future generations.


Shannon Scott

Shannon harvested her first white tail doe north of Missoula more than twenty years ago and has been hooked on big game hunting ever since. She’s built snow caves in the Bob Marshall Wilderness, hiked Ireland’s Dingle Peninsula, and snorkeled coral reefs off remote islands where once abundant wildlife and fish were harvested to tragic endangerment. Shannon has enjoyed the sounds of waters, winds through evergreens, the flapping of raptors’ wings, and then felt the losses as urban sprawl and extractive industries usurped open space, destroyed habitats, and adulterate wild lands. She is adamant that, “America’s public lands, and the ability to commune, hike, hunt, and fish upon them, remain America’s last bastions of awe and greatness.” A decades old member of the Sierra Club and other wildlife and wild land organizations, Shannon is thrilled to be actively involved with BHA NV as a rural representative in “the best hunting area in the whole state of Nevada.”

Originally from northern CA, Shannon lived in western Montana for 16 years, the Marianas Islands, and has spent the last twenty years calling northeastern Nevada home. She has two degrees from the University of Montana, is a LEED Certified Green Associate, who along with her husband, designed and built their own straw bale home without hired help. She is the author of several articles regarding ecological living and a green home building guide, Creating a Green Home: Planning and Design. Shannon currently affords her annual game tag applications by working as a public school teacher.

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