Murray State BHA Collegiate Club Squirrel Hunt and Packout


On December 2nd, six Murray State BHA club members along with Kevin Murphy from Small Game Nation and Paul Skees from the Kentucky BHA chapter, rendezvoused for a quick breakfast and headed out to Clark’s River for a squirrel hunt. The club members were split into two groups. One of the groups was led by Paul Skees, the group had limited opportunities but a new hunter named Hannah was able to harvest a fox squirrel on her first time ever firing a gun. The other group led by Kevin Murphy was able to get multiple chances and ended their hunt with around a dozen squirrels. In Kevin’s group, A club member named Graci was also able to harvest her first ever squirrel. 


After the hunt, we headed down the road and picked up trash along the road for a couple of minutes and filled up multiple trash bags. After picking up trash, we headed to Paducah to help a boy scouts crew plant hazelnut trees to help improve habitat for a resident quail covey. After planting, we ended the eventful day by cleaning the squirrels we had previously shot in the morning, with the patient direction and advice of Kevin and Paul. A fun time was had by all!


About Kentucky BHA

Our chapter is dedicated to serving the interests of conservation and access to clean public lands and waters. Through planning, collaboration, and dedication, we will make a difference.

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