MT BHA applauds Gov. Gianforte’s choice of FWP director

Yesterday was a big day for Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks leadership. 

First and foremost, Montana FWP has a new director. The Montana Chapter of BHA is delighted to welcome Henry "Hank" Worsech to the helm.

"Hank Worsech is a great pick," says Thomas Baumeister, capital leader for MT BHA who worked for FWP for many years when Hank was the license bureau chief for the department. "Hank's a steady hand. He knows the agency, gets along with people, cares deeply about Montana, and understands what it means to be entrusted with the privilege and duty to manage Montana's wildlife and access heritage. He's a former Marine with a can-do attitude."

Image courtesy of Montana BHA board member Graham Coppes

MT BHA applauds Gov. Greg Gianforte’s choice of FWP director and urges him to redouble his efforts to protect our public lands and conserve fish and wildlife as a shared priority of landowners, hunters and anglers. 

It was also announced yesterday that the outgoing FWP Director Martha Williams is headed to Washington, D.C., as the Interior Department's principal deputy director for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. 

"We appreciate the Biden administration for realizing the importance of appointing people with a track record of getting things done, especially in our Western landscapes where stakes are high and conflicts are real," says John B. Sullivan, MT BHA board chair.

With a solid background in environmental law and both state and federal wildlife, plus years of experience leading one of the most accomplished state fish and wildlife agencies in the nation – in a landscape that is the envy of the nation – Williams brings to the Fish and Wildlife Service everything one would hope for in achieving win-win outcomes on the ground.

With the appointments of Worsech to FWP and Williams to FWS, we look forward to continuing our work at both the state and federal level.

It's indeed a good day for Montana and the mission and goals of Montana BHA.





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