MT ATV Abuse

Possible loss of Stoltz and Plum Creek land for hunting should concern most western Montana hunters (Missoulian 12/13/09).  Montanan’s loss of hunting opportunities will continue if the public winks at ATV abusers who ignore motorized travel rules and break or circumvent gates.   The frustration of private land resource managers is understandable given the high number of ATV abuses documented every year.  Public land managers have similar frustrations, as do law abiding hunters who are paying the price for these abusers.

In the last legislative session we, along with other concerned sportsmen groups, wrote and tried to advance a bill to require full sized license plates on all ATVs using public lands.  The plates would allow the public to more easily identify the ATV abuser.  Many statewide off road vehicle organizations came to defeat this bill.  Legitimate ATV users would benefit from identification of ATV abusers. Why would major off road groups oppose better identification?

Greg Munther, Chairman
Montana Chapter Backcountry Hunters and Anglers

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