Minnesota Chapter Vice-Chair - Matt Norton

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Matt is a BHA Life Member and devoted hunter, angler, paddler, conservationist, and father to his daughter, Michelle. He has lived in Kentucky, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Texas, Connecticut, Washington, Michigan, and (since 1999) Minnesota. Matt has been an environmental organizer, grizzly bear recovery advocate, corporate attorney, environmental lawyer, and land conservationist, and he volunteers as a firearms safety instructor. Matt loves hunting whitetail deer, turkey, and pheasants, and greatly enjoys his too infrequent walks in northern Minnesota’s grasslands and woods, hunting for sharptail and roughed grouse. His greatest outdoor passions are deer hunting in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness of northern Minnesota, and annual paddling and fishing trips through the BWCAW and the Quetico Provincial Park.

Matt didn’t grow up in a hunting or fishing family. He first hunted as a boy in Texas, but it didn’t stick. He came back to hunting through his love of the land and wildlife when he was in his early thirties and living in Minnesota, and has been hunting ever since. Books by John McPhee, Jim Posewitz, and Aldo Leopold have influenced his thinking about hunting and nature, as has his natural resources background. Matt has a bachelor’s in biology from Yale (’92), a masters in forest science from Yale’s School of Forestry & Environmental Studies (’96), and a juris doctorate from the University of Michigan Law School. Matt lives happily in Minneapolis with his daughter, Michelle, and Jane, his girlfriend.

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