EVENT RECAP: Massachusetts BHA Awards the Second Crystal Squirrel

sqrl5.jpgOn Saturday February 10th, and on the heels of the Small Game Hunting Course the New England Chapter partnered with MassWildlife to present, as part of their Learn to Hunt Program, over a dozen BHA members, staff, and representatives from the New England Chapter Board and Massachusetts State Leadership team converged on the Wayne F. MacCallum Wildlife Management Area in Westborough, MA for the Second Annual Trash and Squirrels event. 

Squirrel hunting makes for a great group hunt and Saturday's weather, while bizarrely warm for February, couldn't have been better for some fun in the woodsCoyotes and owls were spotted, shots were fired, but the squirrels won the day as none were bagged. What was bagged though, was plenty of trash, and having bagged the most trash, BHA member William Apgar took home the coveted crystal squirrel for his efforts. Sqrl1.jpgWe had lifelong hunters and at least one person on their very first hunt. Everyone left having a great experience in the woods with their fellow BHA members. And thanks in part to BHA's efforts on advocating for the extension of the season, there's still two weeks of squirrel season left to get back out there!   


 sqrl2.jpg sqrl3.jpg sqrl4.jpg

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