Letter: Rocky Mountain Front Heritage Act

Lamstrom Reef hunt cropped-compressedThe following letter was submitted for publication to the Missoulian on December 5th.


The Rocky Mountain Front Heritage Act has just taken another big step towards the finish line, guided by the leadership of Senator Max Baucus. Clearing a key Senate committee marks the furthest this legislation has ever advanced and positions it well for being passed by the Senate. If protected, this landscape will remain the iconic vista we all treasure as Montanans, as well as will continue to be used for grazing and other traditional uses.

This type of positive movement is giving us some faith that members of Congress are coming to their senses and hearing the clamoring of everyday Montanans and other Americans for locally generated, bipartisan solutions. The Heritage Act is important legislation for Montana sportsmen and is supported by twenty sporting groups and backcountry organizations around the state, including Montana Backcountry Hunters and Anglers.

Many of us are dependent on well managed public lands wildlife habitat for our hunting opportunities. Public land hunters and fishermen will be urging all members of Congress to support this common-sense legislation to protect a sportsmen’s paradise, as well as traditional uses of the Front.

Greg Munther

Co-chairman, Montana Backcountry Hunters and Anglers

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