Stop the Privatization of Public Waters in Louisiana

BHA’s recently established Southeast chapter is fighting for sportsmen and public access in the wake of the pending privatization of Catahoula, the largest natural freshwater lake in Louisiana and one frequented by successive generations of Bayou State hunters. Current debate centers on whether the lake should be classified as a non-navigable river, in which case access to the land beneath and water above the lake could be posted by neighboring private landowners. In July, a district court ruled that Catahoula Lake is technically a river, sparking a potentially precedent-setting legal argument whose resolution could take months or years.

Read our entire press release on the matter here. 

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Those who reside in Louisiana – and all hunters and anglers – should have the opportunity to enjoy the outdoor traditions available in the Sportsman’s Paradise. Access to our rivers, streams and lakes is crucial to upholding these traditions. While private property rights must be respected, I believe that everyone should be able to access our public waters. The ability to hunt, fish and float these waterways should not depend on an individual’s economic means or social standing. I pledge to defend our opportunities to access Louisiana's waterways and to join others in sustaining our outdoor legacy.

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