John Chandler

John Chandler, Colorado Chapter’s Gunnison regional director, brought the idea for a large-scale stewardship event to the chapter coordinator in the summer of 2022. He had the drive and motivation to do something BIG, and with the help of BHA staff and a team of chapter leaders, his vision exploded into something even he couldn’t have imagined.

The extremely successful Colorado Public Lands Day Weekend Bash was his brainchild. Without him, this event would not have happened, and those 5.25 miles of fencing would still be on the landscape. John secured high-level sponsors and an out-of-this-world venue along with facilitating connections with local businesses and nonprofits to increase volunteer turnout. He was instrumental in the organization and execution of the biggest stewardship event the Colorado chapter has ever seen. The Colorado chapter is lucky to have him. 

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