Idaho BHA submits comments to BLM regarding motorized use in Owyhees

Idaho BHA Habitat Watch coordinator Dan Herrig and Habitat Watch volunteer Larry Callister worked together to submit comments to the Owyhee Field Office of the BLM regarding the Silver City Travel Management Plan, which covers a large area in southwest Idaho.  The BLM was seeking public comments for three proposed action alternatives regarding motorized use in the area covered by the Silver City Travel Management Plan. Idaho BHA supported Alternative B because this alternative would:

  • have the fewest adverse impacts to wildlife and fish species such as habitat deterioration and fragmentation, winter range disturbance, and barriers to movement;
  • increase the amount of area for non-motorized dispersed recreation (such as hunting on foot and horseback), while still providing access for motorized vehicles (including OHV’s) to all designated recreation sites and adequate access to other areas;
  • would decrease the number of miles open to public motorized use in areas with wilderness characteristics
  • would have the least adverse effect on native plant communities (e.g. would reduce the likelihood of noxious plant seed dispersal).

A lucky elk hunter surveys a non-motorized area in the Owyhees

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