Fishing the Wilderness

The following is an excerpt from BHA Member, Jeff Young's new book The River's Voice.

The-rivers-voiceI have a favorite place to fish that I will not describe in detail. I plan to keep it special; a place that only I know about, or a few adventurous souls who figure it out for themselves. There are many places in New Mexico where one can park a car, and head 20 feet or so to the river to find fish. In these places you will find crowds, camps, and kids throwing rocks. Although I am not snobby enough to say I won't fish those place, (I often do fish them!), I still enjoy the quiet and solitude that my favorite place brings me when I am there.

There are a couple of ways to get to my wilderness "honey hole", however, they all involve hiking. On one route the hike is through the middle of the stream. On one occasion I didn't want to disclose my access point and looked at a map for an alternative way in. I found a place where I could hike over a long ridge, and then down a canyon to get there. This way I would go undetected by people who parked at my other access point. Although my parking spot was a bit risky, it turned out to be perfect, and I enjoyed a nice walk through a ponderosa forest and spotted some deer on the way in.

When I am fishing the wilderness, all troubles fade away; I feel a peace that I cannot feel in the home of civilized man. As I work my way up the stream, I see nothing but wildlife, beautiful scenery, and a crystal clear trout waters. It is fly fishing as it was meant to be.




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