Filet de Ruddy Duck

ruddy duckSure it looks strange, doesn’t fly unless it has to and is generally regarded by hunters as the slightly better looking sister of the American Coot (aptly named by waterfowlers “Fulica Americana” (fool duck)).

But did you know that the Ruddy Duck’s flavor was historically regarded second only to the Canvasback and Redheads, or as Hank Shaw puts it, “the original butterball? If only I had known this when I was 13, my uncles would have been quite proud of their nephew’s frequent harvest.

While it may not be common knowledge what a delectable treat Ruddy's can be, word is getting out, at least in the blogsphere. It makes me wonder, if the desire for ‘tasty’ fowl will be enough that uncles will join their novice nephews in shooting the duck that (usually) does not fly?

How about you? Have you ever dined on Ruddy Duck?  How was it?

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