Faces of BHA: Daniel Schapaugh

Daniel Schapaugh, Age 32, Manhattan, KS


What’s your favorite style of hunting or fishing?


Primitive bowhunting adventures, including trips with minimal modern gear, emphasizing an awareness of true human needs.


DSchapaugh 2What do you do for a living? 


I work for Kansas State University Recreational Services.


Why did you join BHA?    


I joined because with a balanced approach BHA is addressing the problems that harm the foundations of the North American Model of fish and wildlife management. The principles of protecting and expanding large, wild, and intact public habitat are beneficial in perpetuity to our economic, ecological, hunting, fishing, social and spiritual interests. Over the last 10-15 years it has become harder to find sportsmen organizations dedicated to these issues, that quite frankly, are of ultimate importance.      


In what ways do you support BHA?    

I have tried to gently champion BHA concepts to public lands managers here on the plains. Simple meetings and conversations have been very successful. Our efforts here in Kansas have already produced small steps forward in protecting larger public parcels from motorized abuse, redundant road reductions, and better enforcement of non-motorized regulations. BHA’s efforts on the plains may take on a slightly different look (regarding parcel size and grandeur) than in our mountain states, but the principles of protecting large and quiet habitat for hunting and fishing are the same. I believe the potential here, and in many plains states, for larger public roadless areas and sections of non-motorized waterways is very good.    

What’s your most memorable backcountry hunting or fishing experience?  

Any and all of my wilderness bowhunts in the southern Rockies. They include some of the most important times in my life. Any single one can account for a major life lesson learned and when backcountry trips are taken as a whole they define much of my life’s focus and perspective.

What do you love most about the backcountry?  

I love hunting and fishing in backcountry for exactly the same reasons Dave Petersen hunts, “to reconnect, physically and spiritually, to the timeless life-and-death drama that shaped the human body, the human mind, and the human needs for challenge, adventure and passion.” (Taken with permission from Heartsblood)

What friends and family members do you enjoy the outdoors with?  

My wife Danielle and immediate family have been a big part of many outdoors experiences.


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