EVENT RECAP: Missoula North Hill Fence Pull with Tangle Free

Over the weekend of May 13, 2023, more than 20 volunteers gathered with folks from Tangle Free Montana and staff from the City of Missoula on the recently acquired Bluebird Preserve, a 124-acre parcel in Missoula's North Hills area. These lands connect to 304 acres of Republic Services conservation easement and provide critical wildlife habitat, recreation opportunities, and protections for a rare species of wildflower, Missoula Phlox (Phlox missoulensis). However, unnecessary barbed wire fencing still needed removing before these lands could be opened to the public and safe for our wildlife.

Good thing Montana BHA and Tangle Free have strong volunteers, ready to help! Volunteers removed 2,100 feet of unnecessary fence line, 8,400 feet of barbed wire resulting in two dump trucks full of wire, fence posts and hog panel, all to be recycled. Afterwards, volunteers enjoyed a lunch provided by Tangle Free while talking about the upcoming season’s hunting and fishing plans and the good work just accomplished. 

This area is frequented by the Rattlesnake elk herd which has seen declines in recent years. The area also holds mule deer, whitetails, and a bounty of other wildlife all now a little better off with the dangerous fence removed.

Montana BHA appreciates our volunteers and the work of our partners! We look forward to utilizing the unique recreational opportunities of these lands and thank the City of Missoula for protecting our access and wildlife.

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Secretary/Treasurer, Montana Chapter; Conservation, Fishing, Hunting, Cycling, Exploring, Beekeeping

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