Elk Hunting with a Civic

thumbnail.jpgI recently stumbled upon intriguing forum post on “Elk Hunting with a Civic”, which struck a chord with quite an audience. The poster explained that because of budget restraints, he was planning on driving his civic to Colorado to save on gas and he wondered if this was even possible.

Expecting the usual rip-and-roar of forum comments, I was surprised by the overwhelmingly encouraging and informative responses. And as a former two-door Saturn owner who was once in the same position but likely too timid to ask such a question on a hunting forum, I was heartened by the responses. Even though I now have an SUV I am seriously considering outfitting my compact car for the hunting season. The gas money saved by taking the car can then be used to take more trips.

As reiterated by one responder, as long as you can get to the trailhead, why do you need a 4x4? After all, as long as the area you’re hunting in a non-motorized area, you should have just as good of a chance as the next guy, right? Next time, why not take the car? All you need is a non-motorized area to hunt with good vehicle access and a set of legs.

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