Director of State Policy and Stewardship

tim.brass.jpgTim Brass

Tim Brass grew up hunting and fishing in Minnesota with his family and friends. He followed his passion for the outdoors to earn a B.S. in natural resource management from the University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point, and an M.A. in community and regional planning from University of Oregon. Prior to joining BHA, Tim did research work for the Forest Service, National Science Foundation and Cooperative North American Shotgunning Education Program.

Now living in Colorado with his wife Megan and his daughter Linden, Tim enjoys hunting waterfowl, big game hunting with a bow and fly fishing high mountain lakes. He’s glad to be a part of an organization that stands up for the wild, public lands he enjoys the most. Tim’s role at BHA is to help chapters spearhead campaigns at the state and local level, aimed at conserving intact fish and wildlife habitat, ensuring public access and opportunity and defending our fair chase hunting traditions. 



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