WY BHA & Corner Crossing

This hunting season four hunters were cited for criminal trespass in Carbon County, Wyoming for corner crossing. They have pleaded "not guilty" and currently this case is pending. Corner crossing is a legal grey area that stems from the public's desire to access their public land by stepping from one corner of public to another. We believe this act does not violate law or cause any negative impacts to private landowners and their use of their property. These four hunters took every precaution to make certain private land was not touched. In 2004, a hunter was acquitted of a corner cross to hunt trespass in Albany County. This charge is a criminal trespass and acquittals of these hunters would set the stage for more access to the public lands we own. It is crucial public land hunters band together to fight for access to cornered public land!

To that end, the Wyoming Chapter of BHA has set up a Donation Page to help pay for legal representation for these four hunters. Not only do we want to support these hunters we need to prevent a negative legal precedent. 

Across the nation ambiguities around the legality of accessing public lands at adjoining corners (popularly known as 'corner crossing') prevent sportsmen and women from setting foot on significant portions of our public estate. Access to quality habitat on public lands is critical to sustaining our hunting heritage. As such, it's imperative that hunters fight for access and defend our public trust when necessary.

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