Confirm Kentucky BHA Member Brian Mackey to the Fish and Wildlife Commission

We are very excited to announce that one of our very own Kentucky BHA members, Mr. Brian Mackey, has been appointed by the Governor to serve on the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Commission.  

Following his appointment, Brian stated publicly:

“My goal is the proper management of our resources on private, as well as public land, for future generations.”

If you’re not familiar with the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Commission, it is a nine-member board, comprised of volunteers who serve four-year terms after being nominated by licensed hunters and anglers, appointed by the Governor, and confirmed by the Kentucky Senate.

Per Kentucky Revised Statute, the Commission:

“…shall at all times keep a watchful eye upon the Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources and advise the Commissioner to take such action as may be beneficial to the department and in the interest of wildlife and conservation of natural resources.”  

In practice, the Commissioners represent the sportsmen and women in their districts and bring their issues to the table to best manage our hunting, fishing, trapping, and boating heritage, and the resources we all cherish so very much.  

Brian studied production agriculture at the University of Kentucky and is a retired professional firefighter. He is a lifelong hunter and angler, an award-winning conservationist, and a farmer. If you would like to learn more about him, please check this link:  

District Commission Members - Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife

Brian is a conservation leader we can all be proud of, and we are very lucky to have him appointed as a Commissioner. While he represents the sportsmen and women of the 4th District, he represents one of nine votes and that vote counts on every issue statewide.

His continued service on the Commission is contingent on Senate Confirmation. We expect that confirmation vote to be in March. Like all legislative actions, Brian’s confirmation will require the support of a strong constituency advocating for him. Please research Brian at the link above or even reach out to him at [email protected] or (270) 763-7000. Once you get to know him, we believe it will be easy to support his confirmation.

Please join Kentucky BHA in urging your members of the Kentucky Senate to confirm Brian and allow him to serve his first full four-year term on the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Commission.

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